Enjoy coming back to the nature in your wooden house
built using the wood from Novohradské hory.
Standardized houses? OK, but we prefer
to build you a dream home. Individual
projects for those who have their own style and do not live standardized lives ..
Wooden houses of superior quality, manufactured using the latest technologies.
This is what it is like when you get perfectionists to build your home.

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We will be happy to meet you at our new premises:
NEMA, spol. s r.o.
Jílovice 224
373 32 Jílovice



Registered Address of the Company:
NEMA, spol. s r.o.

Olešnice 107
373 31 Olešnice

ID: 490 629 05
VAT: CZ 490 629 05
Bank Account: 4200084147/6800


Contact your NEMA representative:

Veronika Nemravová
+420 722 276 926


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