We want the best for our clients. Therefore we only get our tie beams from NEMA.
We are the only ones to manufacture grade
corner beams. This allows for perfectly
solid and more accurate laying of roofing.

Grade Corner Beams

Unique truss construction on the Czech market which makes your construction easiest ever!  As the only company in the Czech Republic, we offer corner beams machined on Hundegger CNC machines.  And why are they so unique?

Even within production, the top edge is cut according to the angle of the given roof.  Thanks to these 60mm wide grade corners, a significantly faster assembly of the construction (up to 50%!) is achieved and consequently a better and more precise laying of the roofing.

Thus not only builders and roofers will appreciate the grade beams for significantly faster and easier work, but also the owners of houses and other buildings.  They will know that the roof overhead has the best possible construction and saves money by saving time during the construction.

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