Enjoy coming back to the nature in your wooden house
built using the wood from Novohradské hory.
Standardized houses? OK, but we prefer
to build you a dream home. Individual
projects for those who have their own style and do not live standardized lives ..
Wooden houses of superior quality, manufactured using the latest technologies.
This is what it is like when you get perfectionists to build your home.

6 reasons to tangle the roots of your building with our company:


In 2012 we received the prize  region Company of the Year in South Bohemia . For a regional family business, this was a great success that we are still proud of. But we are even happier from any wooden house that becomes a dream home for someone.


We believe that what we're doing, we're doing extremely well. We are so convinced that we'll provide you with a 30-year guarantee for the construction of your house or roof structure. And that's quite a long warranty period..


The price you pay for our top additional services amounts to exactly CZK 0.00. You get 3D design, calculation of structural analysis and construction surveying for free and granted to each project we cooperate on.


We have already built more than 250  wooden houses. And because we are not just a mass production of standardized houses and we build tailored homes for our clients (with love), this is a pretty decent number of implemented projects. What do you think?


We manufacture and supply 462 roof structures annually. This means we draw, manufacture and mount more than one roof structure or roof truss per day.


The roots of our company stretch back to 1993. We are no rookies in the field. Within our cooperation, you will meet people who have been with the company from its very first days. They grew and blossomed to bear fruits – your wooden projects.

More reasons to build with NEMA

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