My wife wanted environmentally friendly living, I wanted low-energy housing and I we both wanted it as soon as possible. Nema met all our requirements and gave us a discount for building in winter.
Living in modern wooden
houses of superior quality at joyful prices. Moving to your own house in the spring.

Low-energy Houses

Low-energy wooden house means a building, in which the annual energy consumption ranges from 15 to 50 kWh/(m²a). To achieve these savings, we use highly effective insulation of walls, roofs and floors of a thickness of 220-300 mm, high-quality filling of the holes and we generally ensure a proper airtight building envelope. In these wooden houses you do not have to invest in the system of forced ventilation-the so-called heat recovery, although its installation is always beneficial.

Structure of low-energy panel:

Diffusion-open plaster system - thickness 10 mm
Wood-fiber insulation - thickness 60 mm
Blown cellulose between the supporting system of walls - thickness 160 mm
Supporting structure KVH 60/160
OSB boards - thickness 15 mm
Installation Shaft Wall - battens 60/40 - thickness 60 mm
Final decking for plasterboard or gypsum fibreboard - thickness 12.5 mm

The total wall thickness is therefore only 317.5 mm.


Složení panelu u nízkoenergetického domu

We can also build your low-energy wooden house from large massive wood panels

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