My wife wanted environmentally friendly living, I wanted low-energy housing and I we both wanted it as soon as possible. Nema met all our requirements and gave us a discount for building in winter.
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houses of superior quality at joyful prices. Moving to your own house in the spring.

Passive Houses

Passive wooden house means a house with annual energy consumption not exceeding 15 kWh/(m²a). To achieve these saving measures, we use highly effective insulation of walls, roofs and floors of a thickness of 360-400 mm, high-quality filling of the holes and last but not least, it is necessary to ensure a proper airtight building envelope. This type of wooden houses requires the installation of a forced ventilation system - the so-called recovery system. The air leaving the building heats the installed unit, which in turn heats the air coming into the building. This device provides house users with a number of other benefits, such as constant fresh air without ventilation or prevention to mildew and odors. Energy to heat the buildings is taken mainly from house users and home appliances.

Structure of passive panels:

Diffusion-open plaster system - thickness 10 mm
Wood-fiber insulation - thickness 60 mm
Blown cellulose between the supporting system of walls - thickness 300 mm
Supporting structure - beams thickness 300 mm
OSB boards - thickness 15 mm
Installation Shaft Wall - battens 60/40 - thickness 60 mm
Final decking for plasterboard or gypsum fibreboard - thickness 12.5 mm

The total wall thickness is 457.5 mm

Složení panelu u pasivního domu

We can also build your low-energy wooden house from large massive wood panels

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