I'll build the house myself but use the help of professionals with the roof.
Build your own roof truss with some
professional help. If you buy a “Jigsaw”
roof, our technician will lend you a hand with the assembly.

Roof Trusses by NEMA

"We build 365 roof trusses a year."

At NEMA, we do not manufacture anything that we would not use ourselves. To find the best processes and choose the best materials, we look back to the past experience of the then-specialists in wood, following the latest trends and technologies at the same time. The result is a combination of the best across generations. NEMA rafters combine the original technique of carpentry joints with production on the latest machines by Hundegger, which ensure maximum accuracy. And since we are a company from South Bohemia, all the wood that we use comes from Novohradské hory and Šumava.

Why you should make your roof with us:


 Výroba krovů NEMA  Krovy NEMA

Our procedures:

First, we will discuss the project of your roof together, to get an idea what your expectations are and what the final phase you wish us to implement is. Based on this information we can then propose suitable technical solutions for each detail of the roof.

Thanks to our technology and software we are ready to implement even completely non-standard shapes of roof trusses. The shape of the structure is thus only limited by the imagination of the architect and the characteristics of the used material.

If you do not have your project, we will process it and create 3D previews of roof truss structure for you, along with a quote.

The next step is to stake out your construction directly on the building site and check the compliance with project documentation.

Subsequently, our designers will process production documentation in 3D software, address details related to other professions, and finally show your new roof to you.

We will have the planned construction of the roof truss evaluated by an expert in structural analysis, who shall draw up the statics calculations.

If everything is fine and you like the roof, we can proceed to production.

Material will be ordered from our sawmill, where the preparation is performed according to individual instructions.

We will generate production data.

We subsequently process each of the wooden elements using the modern technology on CNC machines. The accuracy of the production of individual parts and elements is provided mechanically, the contribution of human work is minimal at this point, as the machines provide high accuracy. This advanced technology allows us to return to the classic and proven carpentry joints used by our ancestors.

The following step is the roof truss installation, which shall be carried out on site by our technicians.

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