Enjoy coming back to the nature in your wooden house
built using the wood from Novohradské hory.
Standardized houses? OK, but we prefer
to build you a dream home. Individual
projects for those who have their own style and do not live standardized lives ..
Wooden houses of superior quality, manufactured using the latest technologies.
This is what it is like when you get perfectionists to build your home.

Roots of Nema

„I remember when my parents sold our apartment 25 years ago, so that our dad could fulfill a dream of his own company.  Over the years, the small carpenter's business has gradually become a major construction and timber company whose workers produce hundreds of roof trusses and tie beams a year and dozens of individual wooden buildings.  We try to make dreams come true for other people.  Those who want high quality housing for their family, living based on their own ideas.“ (Tomáš Nemrava, Director of NEMA, spol. s r. o.)

After nearly 25 years the company NEMA has grown into the company of dozens of workers specialized in wood work and processing. Currently we own the best European technologies and software for the production of environment-friendly low-energy houses, roof trusses and tie beams. This allows us to be always a step ahead of the competition - for example we are the only ones in the Czech Republic to manufacture grade beam corners. In 2012, we became the Company of the Year for South Bohemia, we are a member of the Association of Prefabricated Houses Suppliers and we own several certificates of quality.

Our products combine the construction tradition and experience with the most modern technologies. This allows for fast and accurate production of tied tie beams, tie beams and low-energy houses made from natural materials. Combined with years of experience in the field, NEMA can embark on a project and its subsequent realization of any building that smells like wood even a bit.


2012      In 2012 we received the prize Company of the Year, South Bohemia region. For a regional family business, this was a great success that we are still proud of. But we are even happier from any wooden house that becomes a dream home for someone.
30 We believe that what we're doing, we're doing extremely well. We are so convinced that we'll provide you with a 30-year guarantee for the construction of your house or roof truss. And that's quite a long warranty period.
100 Time has become the most expensive commodity. And we do not waste it. Therefore we provide a 100 % guarantee on implementation deadline specified in the contract. There is then no risk of complications or extra financial costs associated with our failure to comply with the deadline.
28 We can build a personalized wooden house within a month. Even the shortest one in the year. And regardless of the weather or season. Please contact us and we will be happy to show you how.
0 The price you pay for our top additional services amounts to exactly CZK 0.00. You get 3D design, calculation of structural analysis and construction surveying for free and granted to each project we cooperate on.
250 We have already built more than 250 wooden houses. And because we are not just a mass production of standardized houses and we build tailored homes for our clients (with love), this is a pretty decent number of implemented projects. What do you think?
1 We are the only company in CZ to manufacture Grade Corner Beams. This allows for easier and more accurate laying of roofing and stronger roof structure. And housing starts with the roof over your head.
365 We manufacture and supply 462 roof trusses annually. This means we draw, manufacture and mount more than one roof truss or tie beam per day.
72 In the beginning, there was just one. Today the core of the company consists of 72 qualified and regularly trained employees.
49 Who wouldn't want to pay little for energy supplies? In low-cost wooden houses by NEMA, the heating of a floor square meter costs ca. CZK 49. Per year. It is even much less with the use of solar panels, heat pump or in a passive house.
4 There are 4 factual reasons why we think that building with us is worth it: We own and use four halls packed with the most modern machines. We use the best computer software. We employ experts and a hard-workers. We are constantly inventing new techniques.
1993 The roots of the company stretch back to 1993. We are no rookies in the field. Within our cooperation, you will meet people who have been with the company from its very first days. They grew and blossomed to bear fruits – your wooden projects.


NEMA - firma roku

NEMA - členem ADMD

Certifikát Dřevařského ústavu výroba NEMA kontrolována TZUS Cech pokrývačů, klempířů a tesařů Evropský certifikát na dřevostavby
Amids the competition of 253 South Bohemian companies we won the title Company of the Year  We are a certified member of the Association of Suppliers of Prefabricated Houses We are a certified manufacturer of prefabricated houses based on wood Production of our roof trusses is supervised by the Technical and Testing Institute in Construction Industry in Prague We are certified member of the Guild of plumbers,roofers and carpenters European certificate on wooden houses guarantees, inter alia, stability of their properties We are certified supplier of wooden houses

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