We want the best for our clients. Therefore we only get our tie beams from NEMA.
We are the only ones to manufacture grade
corner beams. This allows for perfectly
solid and more accurate laying of roofing.

6 steps of the manufacture of ROOF CONSTRUCTION - building from the roots:

Krok 1


Contact us. We will be happy to invite you for a personal appointment to our facility; we will show you the production and discuss the details of your roof construction.

Krok 2


You do not have your own project? We are happy to prepare it. Based on the project, we will draw up the drawings of your tie beam structure.

Krok 3

3D Design

We turn on the 3D software and work on production documentation. We will present the resulting 3D model of tie beam structure to you.

Krok 4

Surveying and structural analysis

We get into the car and go to do surveying. Construction project is passed to structural engineers and we start the production.

Krok 5


We process the material from our sawmill on CNC machines. Tie beams are then pressed on a square press.

Krok 6


Material is delivered to the site and the tie beam structure is assembled by our specilists.

Hala Jílovice   Horská Kvilda   Srubec

Wooden constructions joined with punched metal plate fasteners have become an undisputable part of modern building industry. They combine advantages of both classic wooden structures, and prefabricated production, and last but not least, also allow us to save on wood stock

In addition, NEMA is the fisrt and nly company in the local market to offer a specialty - Grade Corner Beams. Thanks to the beveled edges of the tie beam implemented within the production on CNC machines based on very precise design information, the wooden roof structure is prepared for installation with maximum precision.

Grade Corner Beams

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