We want the best for our clients. Therefore we only get our tie beams from NEMA.
We are the only ones to manufacture grade
corner beams. This allows for perfectly
solid and more accurate laying of roofing.

Tie Beams by NEMA

Wooden constructions joined with punched metal plate fasteners have become a modern and perspective branch of building industry. They combine advantages of both classic wooden structures, efficiently designed with computer technology (the software Mitek 2020), and prefabricated production, and last but not least, they also allow us to save on wood stock.

Why would you make your tie beam roof structure with us:


 Vazníky NEMA  Vazníky NEMA

Our procedures:

First, we will discuss the project of your roof together, to get an idea what your expectations are and what the final phase you wish us to implement is. Based on this information we can then propose suitable technical solutions for each detail.

Thanks to our technology and software we are ready to implement even completely non-standard shapes of roof structures. Their shapes are thus only limited by the imagination of the architect and the characteristics of the material used.

We are able to combine individual systems, such as roof trusses and tied beams.

If you do not have your project yet, we will prepare it or recommend proved architects that we cooperate with and provide you with 3D views and a quote.

The next step is to stake out your construction on the building site and check the compliance with project documentation.

Afterwards, our planners will prepare production documentation in 3D software and resolve individual details in relation to other professions and present the whole roof in a detailed presentation.

If everything is fine and you like the roof design, we can proceed to production.

Material will be ordered from our sawmill, where the preparation is performed according to individual instructions.

We will generate production data.

We subsequently process each of the wooden elements using the modern technology on CNC machines and press the tie beams on a square press.

The final stage is the installation of tie beams, which shall be carried out on site by our technicians.

Grade Corner Beams

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