My wife wanted environmentally friendly living, I wanted low-energy housing and I we both wanted it as soon as possible. Nema met all our requirements and gave us a discount for building in winter.
Living in modern wooden
houses of superior quality at joyful prices. Moving to your own house in the spring.

6 steps of the manufacture of a WOODEN HOUSE - building from the roots:

Krok 1


Contact us. We will be happy to invite you for a personal appointment to our premises, we will show you the production and discuss the details of your wooden house. We will also give you a catalog of NEMA wooden houses - for inspiration or direct selection of the project.

Krok 2


You have your own idea of the house or require some changes to a standardized design? We will gladly prepare an individual project tailored to your dream wooden house. Based on that we will create drawings of the house.

Krok 3

3D Design

We turn on the 3D software and work on production documentation. We will present the resulting 3D model in detail and possibly tune the details to your satisfaction.

Krok 4

Production of panels

The project of construction of your new house will be reviewed by experts in building structural analysis. We then start the manufacture of panels in production halls. In the meantime, you go and choose tiles, wallpapers, sofa ...

Krok 5


We bring finished large panels to your land and once they are anchored, we implement more craft work according to your assignment. Meanwhile, you are watching your wooden house rise right before your eyes..

Krok 6


We will hand over the building in a previously agreed stage. Rough construction ready for finishing works or a finished house ready to be occupied, in the case of turnkey construction. The last step is then handing over the keys to your new home.

  dřevostavba NEMA  dřevostavba NEMA

Have your house built for you. Or better, have your home built. A home you have always dreamed about. Moreover an eco-friendly home with low energy costs and quick and flawless construction for a nice price. Perhaps you already have your project or at least the idea. Tell us everything. If you are still in doubt, get inspired by our catalog of standardized houses or choose one of them. You simply live the way you have always wanted. In a dream house - in the wooden house by NEMA, built "from the roots for living."

We can build your wooden house from large massive wood panels

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Low-energy wooden houses

Passive wooden houses

Woodenhouses by NEMA

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