My wife wanted environmentally friendly living, I wanted low-energy housing and I we both wanted it as soon as possible. Nema met all our requirements and gave us a discount for building in winter.
Living in modern wooden
houses of superior quality at joyful prices. Moving to your own house in the spring.

Wooden Houses by NEMA

Wooden house is a house with a structure consisting mainly of wooden elements and elements made of wood-based materials. Within the building industry, wooden buildings are a modern, advanced and constantly evolving branch. We can divide them by energy consumption necessary for their use to low-energy, passive and zero-energy buildings.

What you fancy about wooden houses by NEMA:

Our procedures:

 3D vizualizace dřevostavby

First, we will discuss the project of your wooden house together, to get an idea what your expectations are and what is the final phase you wish us to implement. Based on this information we can then propose suitable technical solutions for each detail.
Thanks to our technology and software we are ready to implement even the most unusual shapes of structures. The shape of the structure is thus only limited by the imagination of the architect and the properties of the material used.

If you do not have your project yet, we will prepare it or recommend proven architects that we cooperate with and prepare 3D views and a quote.

The next step is to stake out the base plate precisely on the building site and check the compliance with project documentation.

Afterwards, our planners will prepare manufacturing documentation in 3D software and resolve individual details and present the whole wooden house in a detailed presentation.

The planned construction of the house will be reviewed by a structural analysis expert.
If everything is fine and you like the wooden house design, we can proceed to production.
We will order the material - we only use wood elements or natural wood-based materials for manufacture of wooden houses.


We will generate production data.


The wooden elements will be shaped using the modern technology on CNC machines.  The accuracy of the production of individual parts and elements is provided mechanically, the contribution of human work is minimal at this point, the machines provide high accuracy. Then comes the production of wall panels on rotating tables, where also the airtightness of joints between panels is addressed.
Delivery of panels comes after the sill plate is anchored to the wooden base plate, while any unevenness is resolved in this stage.
The panels are mounted by trained and experienced carpenters. Assembly of a medium-sized family house takes about 10 days.
Afterwards the finishing works will be implemented as you wish and you will be able to move in in about two months.    
We always use a diffusion-open construction for outer walls in wooden houses, to ensure that the wall is breathable.

Model Houses by NEMA

Low-energy Wooden Houses

Passive Wooden Houses

Wooden Houses by NEMA

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